Contract And HR Documents


Employment Law

Setting up a business in Australia is a veritable checklist of MUST HAVES like; Registering a business name, applying for an ABN, setting up bank accounts.... the list goes on and on.

One thing that need to be completed before you open your doors is employing staff. This is usually a process of sourcing talent and then making them a job offer. This seem simple enough right?...Everything when we start employing staff always starts out in a positive way as everyone is keen to impress. Expectation of what you expect as an employer and what the employee expect can be miles apart!


Having the right employment contracts protects BOTH parties

Having an appropriate employment contract takes the ambiguity out of this. The expectations of the relationship are clearly articulated so that both parties enter knowing what is expected of them.

These agreements are a protection for employers in that they are a mechanism for which appropriate disciplinary actions can be taken against this document.

Employees can be held accountable to a document that they signed agreeing to the terms of employment.


FREE documents or a tailored solution

At SaucedIt we understand the pressures of starting a business. We have developed a solution that will suit a business just starting out right up to a large enterprise.

That is why we have decided to supply FREE documents for SME's who are just starting out. This is not a gimmick its for real. We want you to have the best chance of success and are offering FREE employment contracts and HR documents.

For other more established and complicated businesses we can also provide a more tailored approach here.