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Basic/Generalised Questions

Unless a candidate has made their profile visible to all employers, you will only be able to view and contact those candidates who have applied to your job listing.

No, you can only upload one video that will introduce your business as a whole. This video will appear on our business profile

Yes, Sauced It integrates with other popular job boards such as Indeed and Seek. Any job listings you post onto Sauced It will be automitcally broadcasted onto those job boards as well.

There will be a progression bar that displays the stage your new employee is at with their onboarding procedure. Once the have completed all of their onboarding tasks, you will recieve a notification.

You will have the option to download them and save them to your person computer to use for the future

Navigate to the settings icon on the top right hand corner of the website. Click on the icon and a drop down menu will appear. Select 'edit profile'.

Yes you will still have the option to use sauced it as a recruitment platform despite having your own HR software

Employers can archive candidates if they dislike them or are not interested in hiring them, this is done through the dashboard

You will have the option to save all of the candidate data, despite cancelling your plan, you can do this by clicking on integrations, viewing employee data and downloading all of your candidate/employee information

You can sync your employee data through deputy that sauced it has integrated with

You can archive employees, rather than delete them and this can be seen on the dashboard

Once you have sent a job offer, you cannot unsend it. You have the option to directly message the potential employee that you could of accidentally sent the offer to

IT based/ Technical issues

Please check that the video file type is one of these following ... and that they file size does not exceed maximum limit. If you are still unable to upload your video, feel free to get in touch with the support team.

It will appear on your dashboard an updated version of the amount of credits you have purchased

restart your browser, or possible change to a new browser if it continues to not upload

Security/Privacy concerns

Yes once you have offered them a contract and wish to hire them as an employee

Only you or whoever you give access to your account

Yes, there will be an option for you delete them if you choose, simply click the 'x' at right hand corner of their name


You can cancel your subscription at any time and can still use your account until the end of the current month.

Yes you will have the option to purchase multiple credits, there is this option every time you post a job listing

Employers will be able to purchase the compliance document suite

Sauced It is a subscription based service that charges depending on the size of your business. Our current pricing model is: $53.50 for 1-10 employees; $78.50 for 11-15 employees; $112.50 for 26-99 employees; and $500 for 100+ employees.

Yes there is a free trial. We also offer a personalised demo, so feel free to contact a Sauced It employee to set you up for a free demo.

The credits will not expire, though job listings will and you will have to purchase more credits to allow the listing to stay for longer

A job listing credit is a Sauced It currency that allows you to make a job posting. 1 credit = 1 job listing

credit/debit card and pay pall

Sauced It charges you on a montly basis.

The day that you purchase the credits